Your top 007 tips to get Bond’s style

Your top 007 tips to get Bond’s style

Blue dinner suitJames Bond Daniel Craig

“The name’s Bond, James Bond.” Daniel Craig is just perfect for the part! With the newly released Spectre, 007’s style is the epitome of English, menswear suit tailoring. Sharp is the key and we’re not talking about one of his latest lethal weapons, no, no. We are referring to Bond’s suit tailoring, and why it works so damn well.

We’re going to help you achieve the the ultimate 007 look. Initially without clothes, oh cheeky. Step one, forget pumping iron at the gym for today and practice on your posture, are you standing or sitting upright?

Once you’ve achieved a Daniel Craig worthy stance the transition from ordinary man, to secret agent is a walk in the park and can be done 007 crime fighting style. His rippling muscles and poise are portrayed, not just by Daniel Craig but by his outfits.

Discover the fit right for your body shape, and you’ve just found out how to unlock the ultimate wardrobe. No secrets, it really is that simple.

Every man aspires to look like the Man himself and I can fully see why. He’s suave, charismatic and gets the beautiful ladies dropping to his knees. We can help you try and get his style, sadly not with the ladies or the car, but who knows.. once you’re looking like Bond, anything can happen…

The question is, what are your best bits. These top 007 tips are what the emphasis should be on.

  • Trim waist and broad shoulders, then you’ve won the genetic lottery like Daniel. Don’t hide under ill fitting, baggy clothing. Show the world. With slim fitting suits, cut for broad shoulders.
  • Insane arms & toned legs show us, whilst concealing, less favourable areas, e.g. that mischievous beer belly. With classic fit jackets and straight leg trousers.
  • Slim and toned chap, we’ll help you bulk. With tailored fit and strong, subtle, shoulder pads. The right fit, believe it or not also contributes to the way you move. Whether you’re avoiding a villain, leaping over a burning car or dodging a bullet. Sometimes rush hour can certainly feel like it.
  • If you’re struggling to have Bonds shape, mask and form your own shape by wearing heavier weight fabrics that allow you to manipulate your form.
  • Whatever your build, wear sharp, sinister colours such as silvery, tonic greys and plain black with a gleam. Colours that slim and say you’re not a guy to be messed with.
  • Keep the look sinister and don’t turn that frown upside down. Moody’s the look we’re aiming for.
  • Own yourself a sophisticated dinner suit, for those impromptu events.

Need guidance with how to balance out your shape and make the most of your assets and look more like Bond? We’re more than happy to help.

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