Why wool is so sustainable

Why wool is so sustainable


As customers are becoming more and more conscious of what they are buying, sustainability and renewability is an important factor in the suit purchasing decision.

I was asked to write for ‘Love your clothes’ for WRAP, who are in full support of wool week and improving how we use our clothes, so that they last, are not wasted and are re-usable. It’s important to be responsible and wool is one of the best ways to support this cause and protect our planet.

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How things are used and what is done with them after, is much more important now than it’s ever been and customers are wanting clothing that will last and to feel that they are getting true value for money.

Wool, is just that. Merino wool for example is a 100% sustainable and renewable product. Merino wool and many other wools are also designed to adapt to a persons temperature, making it also one of the most intelligent fabrics.

Most worsted wools you see have both old and new wools mixed and re-blended together, it’s quite rare to find what some describe as ‘virgin’ or ‘pure new wool’ and its usually far more expensive.

Wool is such an amazing fabric for the above reasons and it is versatile, strong and elegant fabric, therefore ideal to use for clothing.

One customer of ours is a Partner in a Law firm and had a woollen suit made by me over ten years now and is still going strong, which gives true testament to just how strong wool can be and that it is one of the most valuable fabrics available.

5 reasons why wools just so great:

It lets the skin breathe
It’s one of the most sustainable & renewable fabrics
It’s durable and therefore long lasting
It grabs colour really well, so you can go for something really subtle or super bright
It adjusts to a persons body temperature

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