Why tailoring will always remain

It’s 2019 and there are now more machines doing our jobs than ever before. However, when it comes to the luxuries in life, most people like to know that the process has been monitored and put together by a human being.

If you think about it, we could automate absolutely everything but where would the fun in that be? If you had a robot cutting your hair, it may be slightly quicker (and most certainly more nerve-wracking!) but you’d miss out on that barber chit chat.

Sometimes it’s just nice to have another opinion on something and to take on recommendations from experienced individuals. For example if you were buying a car, even if you near enough knew exactly what you wanted, you would still want to speak to the sales advisors to really learn the ins and outs of what you’re getting for your money.

The same goes for tailored suits. Unless you have impeccable style and are confident in choosing something special online then seeing a tailor is your best bet.


If you think about it, we could automate absolutely everything but where would the fun in that be?

It’s not just the end product but the experience that counts which is why we believe tailoring will always remain. When you find someone who can create exactly what you want, knows your personal style and can advise you on something new, what more could you want?

In the world of tailoring, there’s been talk of ‘digital tailoring’ recently and many companies are trying it out. While it may seem convenient and more efficient, in our opinion, this concept removes the magic of tailoring and the feeling you get when you look through the cloths and fabrics for the perfect match. Plus, if your suit is for a special occasion, then why not indulge in the experience from start to finish!


Many of our clients also love coming to us because we’re able to help with style and help them feel more confident in something new. The convenience of a digital tailor can only go so far. In reality, you’re taking your own measurements and inputting your details hoping you’ve got it 100% right.

With a tailoring experience, the stress is taken away from you as we do the measuring and it’s our responsibility to ensure we have all your details correctly.

5 details of tailoring to consider

1- Fit other than measurements
Over 100 codes can be applied to made to measure to ensure that every part of your body is taken into consideration. This is near enough impossible for a computer to understand or for a customer to know what to choose and what not to.

2 – Fabrics
This is one of the most important elements of your suit and seeing your chosen fabric up close and feeling it, is so important. There are so many choices to consider from your lifestyle, how hard you wear on your suits to comfort and the most important being that it’s a real quality piece of cloth.

3 – Colour
There are thousands of shades of blues alone and all can vary from one to the other and where a man with a warm skin tone (olive ski tone for ease) may be able to wear a very dark, rich navy. Someone paler may not.

4 – Construction
There are so many choices of construction now than there were when MTM first started. The only option mainly being half canvas. Now you can have a full free floating canvas, unstructured, soft shouldered, firm shouldered. The list goes on and on and its well advised knowledge from your tailor that will help you decide which is the best for you.

5 – Lifestyle
We look at where you spend most time and advise on cloths, colours and styles based on that. Offering you choices you may not have even thought about before, which can be quite exciting.


Advice on all of the above makes for an interesting visit, you’ll be far more well advised and less likely to waste time and money in the long run. So, let’s get you booked in if you don’t fancy a computer trying to work out just how good you could look with some extra special help and guidance…

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