Grey Alexandra Wood Suit with Burgundy Tie

Why every man should own a Savile Row suit

I believe every man should own a Savile Row suit once in his life for these five, very good reasons.

It’s not the type of purchase you make on a whim, nor is it one you make regularly. In fact, for many, it’s a once in a lifetime purchase. But owning a Savile Row suit is something, I believe, that every man should experience.

“They say that you should go to Savile Row for a reason…You do not go because you merely want a suit. You don’t even go because you want the suit of a lifetime. You go to Savile Row because you are getting married to the love of your life, or because you are making a speech that must go well, or because you have a job interview that could be your career’s great tipping point. That’s when you go to Savile Row. Not when you have the money, but when you have the reason.” – Tony Parsons, GQ January 2017

He’s completely right. My customers come to me when the big things happen in life – weddings, jobs, media appearances, reaching an age milestone, or even to celebrate recovering from a major illness. But there’s more to it than having the perfect suit made for a special occasion – theoretically, you could find one outside ‘The Row’. So, why choose to own a Savile Row suit over a ready-to-wear version from a well-known designer?

  1. It gives you a level of confidence you won’t get with ready to wear. Savile Row tailors will work with to you create a suit that reflects the best of you – inside and out. Real confidence comes from within, and what could be more important when you face a major life event that needs you to bring everything you’ve got? With a ready-to-wear suit, you are putting on the best of someone else. And while you may feel poised and energised to begin with, eventually it fades as your personality wasn’t infused into the design.
  2. A Savile Row suit helps you learn about yourself. We ask our clients dozens of questions to build a picture of their lifestyle, personality and how they want to look and feel. You may never have asked yourself these questions so you’ll often be surprised at what comes up. And don’t underestimate the power of standing in front of a three-way mirror while watching a suit being pieced together on your body. You’ll find a whole new way to look at yourself.
  3. Because bespoke tailoring is the secret to looking great. No suit in the world can fit as well and flatter your figure like one that was made just for you. It gives you that ‘x-factor’ that people have when they look amazing but you can’t put your finger on exactly why.
  4. It will be one of the few investments in life you definitely won’t regret. Houses, cars, shares, expensive electronics – it’s easy to make a decision that you’ll regret later. But a Savile Row suit, with its perfect fit and ability to transform how you look and feel, won’t make that list. A great tailor won’t let you take a suit home if you aren’t completely in love with it. It won’t leak, break down, lose value overnight or wipe all your photos. Furthermore, the quality of the fabric and craftsmanship used by Savile Row tailors produces a long-lasting garment that resists wear for years if cared for well. When you can’t compromise on how you look it will always be the first thing you turn to and it won’t let you down.
  5. You’ll own a piece of British history. Now part of the British lexicon, Savile Row stands for unparalleled quality and exemplary craftsmanship honed over almost 200 years. But that doesn’t necessarily mean stuffy old designs – at Alexandra Wood Bespoke, we respect the traditions but update our designs to suit the modern gentleman.

MP Chukka Umunna came to me at a time when it was incredibly important for him to be at the top of his game. He didn’t come to me because he needed a new suit – he needed something that would consistently give him confidence and would reflect the Britain he loves so well. And as a result, he has been recognised and admired for this attention to detail in the media.

Savile Row isn’t just a street of buildings, and the suits made there aren’t just pieces of cloth. It’s the very definition of unique – that’s why you should own a Savile Row suit.


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Words by Katrina Strathearn @ Veracity Content