Why electric blue suits are a thing of the past

Everyone including me loves a blue suit and you can’t really go wrong with one. However, with 50+ shades of blue, it’s more about choosing the right one for you. It’s important to take your skin tone, job, and overall style into considering when choosing which one.

A wave of electric blues came into all Mens stores and Tailors, including ourselves. We even sold out of a bright blue mohair. The problem with fads is that everyone adorns the same thing, at the same time and become rapidly dull. The main problem I had with this trend is that people were wearing it who clearly looked uncomfortable. A guy who would usually wear a dull, dark drab suit, suddenly rocks up the next day wearing something so bold, will naturally look self conscious and sadly it shows.

As ever, when a new season ends, another enters and this year saw an exchange for vibrant blues, to soft powdery blues in plain fabrics and even flannel, for fine elegance.

I’ve put together a few tips on how to chose the best blue for you:

1-If you have a job that requires you to be listened to and respected, going bold probably isn’t wise.

2-If you have a creative job where personality is everything, then it’s more acceptable. However, please still wear the right shade that works for you.

3-Look at the colour of your eyes. For starters, Men with a cooler shade of blue eyes tend to look better in softer shades of blue such as petrol tones, mid blues but all with subtlety.

If you have darker eyes and a warmer skin tone, opt for warm shades of navy, warmer shades of blue and even brighter shades.

4-Finally, if you want the suit to appear more formal, darker is better and also consider what colour shoes you are planning to wear with your suit.

Don’t get me wrong, there are Men who look great in an electric blue suit, but please guys, not all at the same time!

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See you soon,