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Where do I start with getting a made to measure suit for my wedding?

You’ve never had a made to measure suit before. It’s your wedding day, so why not treat yourself… We’ve put together a helpful guide to getting it right:

First there are a few questions you should ask yourself before venturing to a tailors:

1- What kind of wedding day are you having? Will it be in a church, abroad or in a hotel?

The last thing you want to do is to look out of place, so thinking about how your suit will fit into the environment is important. Think about what style of wedding you’re having. You can’t go wrong with a classic coloured suit, as you can accessorise easily to make it work for any style of wedding. Do you want tails or a lounge suit. Discuss your ideas with your loved ones beforehand, so you’re on the same page and it’ll make the process far smoother.

2- Do you want a timeless suit or a statement piece?

Most men see their wedding as a chance to have an amazing suit that will fit them to perfection, along with the chance to wear it for future occasions that matter; friends weddings, christenings, job interviews etc.. Do you wear a suit regularly and want to really stand out on your big time, fearful that it will look like a typical business suit that’s simply been dressed up. Or do you want a classic suit that you can wear again and again. Its important to think about this prior.

3- Colour of the suit – what should you choose?

Your skin tone is important when choosing the colour of your suit. As a starting point, if you’re olive skinned, a rich navy or a vibrant blue can look great. A softer blue can work better for paler skin tones. Taking inspiration from suit wearers on instagram, google etc, who are similar to your skin tone, look, physique is a good start. We advise you and help you with this, as we know it can be rather overwhelming.

4- Inspiration. Where to look for ideas:

You’ve made the decision to have a suit made but you don’t know what style will look good or where to look:

  • Search #weddingsuits #grooms #madetomeasureweddingsuits and options will come up on designs that you may like. Save the pics and create a file for reference.
  • Pinterest is a great guide for wedding suit styles. Simple type in wedding suits, winter wedding suits, summer weddings suits etc and you’ll have endless choices.
  • Tailors are fully open to your view, but of course a tailor should also be able to design your suit with your ideas in mind but they will also be honest if they don’t feel like it would work for you and offer some alternatives.

5- Are you getting married in the Winter or Sunmer?

This will play a big part on the fabric choice you make. If you’re getting married in peak summer then you’d probably prefer a lightweight suit. Right now there’s a huge choice as more and more suits are being designed with this in mind and the bonus is, is that they don’t crease due to their high twist technologies and modernised fabric.

Winter wedding, then you may opt for a mid weight suit that you can wear after the wedding and were all throughout the year. You can opt for tweeds which are available in abundance at the moment and aren’t your usual super heavy, shooting tweeds, but modern and colourful.


Men have the bonus of being able to wear a suit again, so your wedding day is the best time to choose a really special suit for you. There’s more choice now more than ever, but its about getting it right for the style of wedding you’re having, how you want to look and feel and of course, how you will compliment your bride on the day. Visit us in store and we will look after you, by inspiring you with our wall full of inspiration or contact us 

We look forward to making you look suitably attired for your wedding.