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Where did Savile Row begin

Savile Row is the Mecca for anyone interested in buying a bespoke suit, but why there and where did it all begin?

Savile Row was actually first named Savile Street and was built between 1731 and 1735 as part of the development of the Burlington estate, built on freehold land known as ten acres belonging to merchant tailor William Maddox as part of the estate and is actually named after Lady Dorothy Savile, wife of the 3rd Earl of Burlington. Originally the row was mainly occupied by military officers and their wives.

When did Savile Row become known for Tailoring

Tailors started creating suits in the area in the 18th century and by 1846 Henry Poole (the creator of the dinner jacket) opened up his shop from Old Burlington street onto Savile Row and from there other tailors started to move to the area and it quickly became the place to have a hand cut suit made. 

However, even though the ‘Row’ as people now call it are specialists in bespoke, made to measure is now offered too. The ‘bespoke’ suit (cut by hand) was born here and is highly protected, with a Savile Row association for tailors to adhere to the rules of the Row.

Why do people come to Savile Row

Savile Row was mainly targeting the man of impeccable taste, the man who knew what he wanted and was happy to invest in getting what he wanted. Bespoke tailoring is an art form and although ready to wear is far better these days and also made to measure has come on impressively, theres nothing quite like a true bespoke, hand cut suit that only you, the wearer could possibly fit into.

How has Savile Row changed

Savile Row, like any other place has changed over the years and the likes of Abercrombie & fitch and Joseph have moved in, but it stills very much a place of craft. Whats more is that the view that Savile Row is all stuffy and suits you sir is slowly diminishing, making it more accessible for those who want a one off piece and feel like treating themselves.

We offer both bespoke tailoring and made to measure with alternative offerings of a half canvas and a full free floating canvas. Our bespoke tailoring is made in house in the UK and appointments are available in any of our stores; Savile Row, Shoreditch and Hertfordshire.