When to choose a dinner suit for your wedding suit

When to choose a dinner suit for your wedding suit

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You’ve set your wedding date, so it is now time to start thinking about your wedding suit. Here we show you how to rock a dinner suit for your wedding.

Dinner suits generally work best if you’re having an evening ceremony, a rich coloured wedding or a Winter wedding.

If you’re going for this style for a Spring/Summer wedding, it may be best to opt for a white or cream dinner suit.

Bond is the perfect person to look to for inspiration, after all who looks better in a dinner suit? Here we help you make the right choice for you and your wedding.

When to wear a black dinner suit

Black looks best if you have some warmth to your skin. It can look very stark against very pale skin.

It’s always best to wear black only if the bride is wearing white or slightly off white. If you wear black and she wears ivory, it can make her dress look a little yellow. With a black suit you want a sharp final image for those all important wedding photos.

Wanting to wear a black suit? Check what your flower colours are first. If you have pastel colours, it’ll make your black suit look very stark by comparison. If the colours will be deep, rich or white if you’re going monochrome, this is ideal.

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When to wear a blue dinner suit

A blue dinner suit is ideal if you are having an elegant or evening wedding but don’t want the harsh colour of black and wish to be a little more fashion forward.

Midnight blue looks most classy. Electric blue has had its time and everyone has done it.

Add the small details with flash vents. As your vents move about, add a cheeky detail that sets your suit apart.

Bespoke dinner suit style wedding suitMidnight dinner suit

White tux

Make no bones about it, for this suit you need character, poise and personality. If you’re slight or have a built build this is an ideal style for you. White hides no sins, so think carefully about this option.

It’s best to choose a fabric that is mid weight so it holds and gives structure.

Go fully white and this will fit in perfectly for a Summer wedding with almost any colour scheme. Choose black satin lapels as a contrast, you’re back to a simpler colour palette.

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