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When not to dress your age

When not to dress your age

Age. It’s the word no one likes to hear. From now onwards I’ve decided to have no interest in it what so ever. There’s nothing you can do about it and if I look (reasonably ok) and better still; feel better, then what’s the big deal?! Its been proven that Men over the age of 37 start getting in a pickle when it comes to dressing for their age. Funky and slim fitting, or classic and clean. We discuss:

So what should you be doing?

If we changed our wardrobe accordingly year after year, it would get slightly exhausting. This is where we hope we can help, because it’s the subtle changes that make all the difference. Mainly changes to colour and the way of wearing clothes

When I say don’t dress your age, I don’t mean throw away the suits and ties with wild  abandon. But wearing ripped jeans as a throwback from the 80’s is a definite no no!

Gone are the days where the minute you turn 70 you need to wear a pair of scholl shoes and throw everything out for a nice muted shade of beige. Age (cough) *moving through time* is merging. Men are starting to look amazing whatever their time of life. Take the likes of Harrison ford and Clint Eastwood for example. They wear clothes that suit them, their skin tone and their overall style. It’s subtle and timeless.

Tailored suits are always a must, no matter where you are in life. For example a classic two button blazer fits well in most people’s wardrobes and flatters.

Your wardrobe checklist

  • Keep it classic and simple
  • Delicate layering
  • Softer colours. Avoid harsh, rich colours
  • Chuck out black from your wardrobe, its ageing
  • Keep your clothes softly Tailored
  • Add a hat, such as a Trilby but make sure its not overly large

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