What to wear this Summer

What to wear this Summer

It’s going to get hotter and there’s nothing worse than when it does, you’re sweltering in the heat, wearing the same suit you’ve been wearing all Winter. Ok, so your office has air conditioning, so you can bare to tolerate the heat of the tube and walk to work. Or, if you’re lucky enough to own a helicopter to take you to work, well ignore all of this…

The joy of Summer, I think, is the fact that you can wear lighter clothing and enjoy every moment of it.

People immediately assume that Summer fabrics mean: creases, floaty fabric and sloppy. Therefore, not sharp enough for work. However, I have a few fabrics up my sleeve that may surprise you.

Fabric makers have cottoned on, (pardon fabric pun) to the fact that Men now don’t really want to wear the same suit all year round, plus with the climate getting increasingly warmer, have realised that they needed to create fabrics that were heat resistant but still looked good after a long, working day.

Fabric ranges such as Holland & Sherry’s Summer in the city, has been designed with just the title in mind. Cool, slick business fabrics created for the warmer climates and if you travel abroad to warmer climates, then this is a must have. You could literally throw it into your suitcase and it would come out the other end looking pretty much the same. High quality and low maintenance has never seemed so appealing.

Premier Cru from Harrisons is a wonderful range, with lots of exciting colours and fabrics.

My new favourite, Mohair is a great fabric for Spring/Summer too as it is so crease resistant and looks super trendy, whilst looking sharp.

If your office has a dress down code, blazers with smart trousers are a nice route to go down, using the same fabrics as above.

Customers have said: “I love this suit, it feels like I’m not wearing anything, but in a good way!”

To look cool when it’s hot, contact us to see our new range and we’d gladly help guide you.