What to wear this Spring

What to wear this Spring

Spring is here, well nearly. It still feels pretty chilly but the light is changing at least. Now what to wear..

Tailored clothing never looked so good and all of the super Fashionable, gorgeous looks nodding towards Spring, it’s easier than ever to look super slick. Spring means you can wear fresher colours and start putting away the super dark clothing for next Autumn/Winter. Hooray!

I love this time of year but sometimes it’s a little hard to know what to wear and how to transition from Winter to Spring without overkill. My advice; easy does it…

First steps are to-

Wear slightly cooler colours. So rather than browns, dark blues and black, start introducing petrol blues, mid to light greys, greens for blazers and crisp white shirts, worn with chocolate brown shoes.

Here are a few examples I really like:

sports jkt

pale green double breasted suit

We have a whole new range of fabrics which will make you look incredible. A rainbow of colours that work with all skin tones and styles. If you would like help on how to look fresh this Spring, please feel free to come in and view our samples and let us guide you…..