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What to expect from a bespoke suit

What can I expect from a bespoke suit

A bespoke suit is one of life’s great treats. Much like a Rolex, or a brand new sports car; its up there on the list of items one might purchase when one feels like treating themselves.

What a bespoke suit is

  • A hand-made piece of art, which looks just that. It is your personal blueprint, therefore you would struggle finding anyone else to fit your suit.
  • It moulds to your body shape and fits like no other suit you will have, off the peg, or made to measure.
  • Made of only the finest materials, including the use of real horse hair for the canvas, allowing the suit to have much more movement.
  • Slow fashion, this is a skill and experience that simply can’t be rushed.

What a bespoke suit is not

  • A bespoke suit is not fast fashion, it takes time. Many wonder why there is such a long wait for fittings, this is because a skilled tailor takes many hours to create a suit from scratch. A hand cut paper pattern comes prior to even starting to cut the fabric. A bespoke suit is cut purely by hand, with no machinery involved in the initial process. Allowing the tailor easily take the suit apart again when it comes to making the next set of amendments.
  • It may sound obvious, but a bespoke suit is not a made to measure suit. With a made to measure suit, you get sharp, clean lines and crisp edges. With a bespoke suit, as its made completely by hand, so the stitching around the lapels and joining the lapels will not be made by machine, therefore there may be a slight differentiation between one side to the other.

How much can I expect to pay for a bespoke suit

  • A bespoke suit should be expensive, otherwise I would be worried about where its being made and by which methods. They take years of skill and precision, to ensure that your suit fits your body like a glove. It can also take a number of fittings to get your suit right. Unlike a made to measure or ready to wear suit, a bespoke suit consists of a lightly stitched canvas, which is naturally shrunk prior to placing it within your suit, therefore aspects of your suit may need to be finely tuned to perfection.

Our hand made bespoke suits are made in house, so you can be assured that your suit will be British made and to the highest quality. please contact us to make your appointment.