What not to wear on TV

What not to wear on TV

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Television is a tricky thing to dress for and this is why I’ve decided to write a few helpful tips.

When deciding what to wear, it is important to understand how shapes, colours and styles change through the eye of a lens. Even with incredibly modern lenses, it is safe to say that patterns distort through them. This is why it is a good idea to consider what to wear wisely, beforehand.

In general, softer colours and blues flatter and soften through the lens, allowing the viewer to see you and your personality shine through. Where patterns and bold colours, distort and all they can see is just that and not the wise words coming from your mouth.

Here are 5 things not to wear on TV

Checks- Any type of pattern tends to distort through a camera lens and therefore is unadvisable.
Stripes- Similar to the latter, the lines on the suit can be distracting to the people watching you. Plain is always best.
Black. It is too harsh against the skin and doesn’t work in harmony very well with other colours for TV
Bold colours-Bright colours that again distract the viewer or look too showy simply don’t work well.
Mis-matching colours/patterns-I’ve seen a plain suit, with a check shirt and a stripy tie. It’s just too much. If ever in doubt, keep it clean and classic.

Our top tips on what to wear on TV 
1-Mid blue – complimentary to almost every skin tone and an ideal colour to wear if you’re wanting viewers to warm to you.
2-Mid grey for if you’re wanting viewers to take you seriously. Please note: not too dark or it will wash you out.
3-Crisp white shirts- You can’t fail with one and you can wear with one button open to look more casual or with a simple tie to look sharp
4-Plain coloured ties with no fuss. Again, any patterns distort through a camera lens
5-Hair. Make sure its smart, off your face and not full of product. The light will shine on it and glimmer away.

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