What makes the perfect pair of trousers?

The details to look for to makes sure you pick the perfect pair of trousers

More often than not, I see badly cut trousers on the street. Rises that are too low, pockets that jut out and far too much unnecessary fabric. Here’s my guide to picking the perfect pair of trousers every time.

How to judge the rise of your trousers

What is a ‘rise’ you say? It’s the crotch; the length of the waistband to underneath your (cough!) manly bits. Get the wrong measurement, and this can not only be uncomfortable but won’t look great either. Pretty swiftly you’ll end up with folds in the front of your trousers and your pockets jutting outwards like gossip-friendly ears.
If someone wants their trousers cut particularly high because they wear braces or just like them like that – fine. But if this hasn’t been requested then a lower rise is always the better way to go.
A rise measurement, in my view, should be between 8.5″ and 9.5″ maximum if you want a neat pair of trousers that show off your legs. Whether you’re short or tall, this will have you looking leaner in the click of a button. I mean…cut of the cloth.

Where trousers should sit on your hips

Trousers should naturally sit at your hipbone and not much higher. This is a good balance line to create a sleek look from head to toe. If you have a slightly larger tummy, the trousers should be cut with a lower front rise. This will prevent creasing and will be far more flattering.

How trousers should look

Trousers should flow smoothly from the jacket. If you have a well-cut jacket that is curved at the waist, the trousers should follow suit (pardon the pun) with clean lines from top to bottom, with no sign of collapsing.
In terms of width, the trousers should skim your leg: my rule is always, if you don’t need the fabric – don’t use it. This means, show off your legs rather than hiding them in folds of fabric.
To avoid a bum note (get it?), a pair of trousers should gently hug the derriere and flow downwards neatly. You don’t want the fabric hanging as it will look like you don’t have a bottom at all. 
I recommend printing this guide out and taking it with you when you go shopping. We can promise that our very own chinos, available online, will sit perfectly!
Or just have a bespoke or made-to-measure pair by an expert…