What is the dress code for Ascot

It’s that time of year again, where all the fabulous British sports are in full flow. There’s so much British etiquette that even when I read the requirements it can still be a little confusing if you’re nervous of turning up in the wrong outfit…

So here’s a guide for you. Whether you’ve been invited to the Royal enclosure or the Queens, you’ll know exactly what you can and can’t wear…
Did you know…
In the 19th century Beau Brummel dictated the dress code for the Royal enclosure and this sense of style still dictates the fashions of today.

Royal enclosure

 You are required to wear classic morning wear. This means a black thin herringbone morning tail coat, with prince Edward stripe or Eton as they are also known as with a black or grey hat. Note, the black hats are more frequently worn and the grey ones tend to look a little tatty. Hats must be worn in all public spaces, at all times. If you’re in a box, you may take it off within the box.
The only deviation away from the classic style is the waistcoat, you can opt for a contrast version ie a sand or dove grey waistcoat. Personally, I wouldn’t go too wild on other styles as you will more than likely stand out like a sore thumb!

Queens enclosure

You are required to wear tails, but not a hat and not a classic version; hooray you may say but now what do you go for.. Well, you can just opt for the classic morning tails minus hat, or you can mix it up a little bit with a mohair, or grey tails with contrast waistcoat to show some personality.
A classic lounge suit is an absolute no no!

Other Ascot tips

It’s a well organised day with clearly marked entrances, where your tickets will be checked and you then carry upon your merry way around. If it’s your first time, you may want a little map as on first visit, it appears a very large place with escalators in every direction.
If you’re not in a box or heading to one of the pre-booked restaurants, you can erase the need for the escalators out of your mind and stay downstairs near the bars and the action.
If you’re in a box
A box in a prime spot is amazing if you’re lucky enough to be invited, however, it is also nice to get right in amongst it. The bookies can visit the boxes or there are ones located on the upper levels where the boxes are located, however, it is exciting being amongst the crowds and hearing the hoards of screams of excitement. You can then safely go back to your box and sip on some more champagne when it all gets a bit much 😉

For the official guide you can go to the Ascot website.

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