What is Pitti Uomo?

What is Pitti Uomo?

There’s no doubt about it. The Italians are a nation of seriously classy dressers and it seems we’re quickly becoming obsessed with just how well dressed they are.

We’ve seen the introduction of the suit with a lighter construction and the ditching of the full suit, for the contrast jacket and trousers combo. Pitti Uomo can certainly take credit for inspiring a nation of British dressers. 

So what is Pitti Uomo for those who aren’t instagram mad or heavily involved in fashion: 

Pitti Uomo, translated into English is simply ‘Pitti Men’. It’s one of the worlds most important platforms for launching new projects in men’s fashion and is held twice a year in Florence, at the Fortezza de Basso, with the first ever edition being held in 1972. 

You may have seen many an insta pic of fabulously dressed men on a wall, looking chic and divine. However, they’re more likely there to see the sheer volume of creativity and design that is on display for a solid 4 days; to inspire a nation of chic dressers. You’ll see editors, stylists, influencers and of course; designers there in abundance and its where you’ll most likely see all new tailoring/men’s collections inspired by.

What it isn’t

This is not an extension of men’s collections, but a trade show, where buyers will be purchasing most of their collections from artisans and chic designers alike. You’ll then see it make waves in store. These won’t be found in just any store, but more to the high end.

Pitti is known for the ‘peacocks’ those that stand out and make a clear statement that they’re into their style. However, alongside that, you’ll find those who are secretly stylish, with their elegant, understated looks, choosing a subtle but superb mix of textures and colours over loud and vibrant. 

Pitti is set in Florence, so you may understandably come to the assumption that the influences will all be Italian centric. However, it’s the Japanese who are very poignant here in their style, with Scandinavians tapping them closely on the shoulder behind.

Let’s not forget that Pitti is not about high fashion, but about understated elegance and that’s why I’m a massive fan.

What not to do when you’re there

This is a serious event, therefore snapping away like a crazy tourist won’t be favoured. You’ll hopefully and should be, the one to be photographed..

Each supplier tends to set appointments with editors, buyers etc, as the show gets incredibly busy, so being punctual is a must. 

What inspirations can I see that have been inspired from Pitti?

  • Suede loafers with tassels over last years favourite; monk straps
  • Lightweight, textured blazers, in soft pastels
  • Contrasting jackets, trousers and accessories that work effortlessly together
  • The Panama, is a must have. Whether it’s keeping you cool in Florence or here.

How do you purchase a ticket?

Pitti have an app you can download, or you can go onto their website. You’ll need to fill in your business information. From there, they do request proof of invitation from a supplier (which is easier if you’re a retailer and have signed up, as some suppliers will then contact you directly) or have proof that you are a buyer, editor etc.. A full list of criteria can be found on their site. 

The price of the ticket is far less than you would imagine, it’s more likely that the flights will be slightly more expensive at this time of year and finding a hotel may be tricky. 

However, whether you go in person, or check out Instagram during and after, it’s almost certainly a feast for the eyes! We’ll be reporting the best of after the exhibitions have taken place…

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