Wedding suit predictions for 2016

What Wedding suit predictions we are making for 2016

Lets take a glance back at 2015

In 2015 95% of wedding suits made here at Alexandra Wood were blue. From rich navy’s to electric blue, mohair they were incredibly popular and work for a variety of wedding styles. There’s no doubt that blues flatter and with the right shade it looks really great.

Whatever colour you choose, a couple of things must be kept in mind- will it compliment your brides dress and will it fit your wedding colour scheme?

Why your wedding suit is important

Ok, so the bride is usually the first person people look at, but you as the Groom are also important. You will be standing side by side and having photos taken that will last a lifetime, so why wouldn’t you want to pull out all the stops?

Predictions for wedding suit styles in 2016

2016 predicts a few different trends from last year. Plaids and tweeds were starting to creep in towards the end of last year and are ideal for slightly quirkier weddings, ideal for rustic or vintage weddings. Rich colours such as plum or even green for the bold for Autumn weddings, with vivid, wildly coloured flowers. Lastly, pastels for Spring/Summer weddings, which look stunning with pastel coloured flowers and colour schemes.


5 perfect colour combinations for weddings in 2016-

  1. Soft grey suit with soft purple or pink accessories
  2. Light purple suit with contrast accessories
  3. Tweed suit for a vintage wedding with simple accessories
  4. Dinner suit for an evening wedding with burgundy accessories
  5. Powder blue for a classic or vintage style wedding with crisp white accessories

The fit

Suits are still slim with a curved waist and streamline trousers. The most flattering fit is a pair of trousers that are tapered towards the bottom, but not skinny. A slim fitting suit is more traditional and will last the test of time, both to wear again and to look at in the photo album.

Remember, whatever you choose- Make sure it reflects both your wedding style and your personality. To choose the right suit for your day, contact us and we will be delighted to help.

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