What to wear when you’re retired

What to wear when you’re retired

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Retired men’s perfect wardrobe

The 9-5 daily grind has come to an end, whether it was your choice or through an early retirement, it can still be a tough time in life. What’s more is that what you will be wearing day to day will most likely change quite dramatically.

Changes will be need to be made. After all you probably wont need 5 business suits. However, it is worth keeping a couple of your best for special occasions. If you do have two nice ones to keep aside, make sure it’s the plainer of the bunch. The pin stripes and heavy patterns are probably best getting shot of.

Casual Clothing

Your look will  most likely become more casual, as there’s not so much call to up your game with a suit and tie. Your clothes are more your choice day to day, which can leave people feeling a little confused. But by casual I mean more laid back, rather than wearing pjs day in and out or cargo shorts. Your confidence will soar if you continue to wear clothes that are sharp but more relaxed. Works over so you can have as much as fun as you like.

Staying Smart

Ok, so you may not need your boardroom ready sharp suits anymore, but that doesn’t mean that Tailoring goes out the window. Smart but casual will be your new go to wardrobe. Softly tailored, rather than structured. Softer colours, fabrics with accessories such as light weight scarves, pocket squares taking the place of the tie.


Works over but life is most certainly not. Stand up like you mean it. Confidence comes from standing up well. Posture is something I always mention, as young or old a lot of people really don’t stand up straight and this makes clothes not sit as well as they should and don’t make you feel as good as you should about yourself. (Putting aside the back strain)

Best colours

The skin tends to lose natural colours as people age, unless you’re on a permanent vacation. First off- lucky you. Secondly, this still applies. Rich. vivid colours are too harsh and although sometimes work, softer is definitely better. For no minute am I saying that you resort to a palette of Scholl shoe type beige (Sorry Scholl), but softer hues of blue and green for example are far more flattering and help to lift the skin tone and more importantly make you look more youthful.

Key pieces for your wardrobe

  • Light weight sweaters. These look best in cashmere or merino wool. They are elegant and work well with a number of outfits and are perfect for Winter or Spring layering.
  • Smart/casual trousers. Flannel is an ideal fabric, it looks elegant and smart but not too business like.
  • Blazers. From plain navy – texture – to subtle tweed, you can get a really nice mix going on that work all year round.
  • Shirts. Both casual with fine prints for interest and to stay looking fresh. Crisp white work with absolutely everything, so are well worth having a good few.
  • Suits. It’s a good idea to have a lightweight suit to wear for travelling. If you’re out for dinner, you can wear the whole suit and if you want to look a little more casual, simply wear the blazer with a crisp shirt and a pair of tailored shorts. (Just hitting the knee or slightly above, never below)
  • Shoes. Casual loafers (please with socks), boots (not too chunky but sturdy, smart shoes for your best and smart/casual trainers. Never Reebok Classics or Hi-Tecs here please.

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