Full wardrobe consultancy

We offer wardrobe design and creation for your to choose from, to ensure your entire wardrobe looks impeccable for every occasion.
Full wardrobe consultancy

Alexandra will offer you a complimentary style review at our Savile Row showroom and discuss your wardrobe requirements.

  • Alexandra will ask you a set of questions to build your very own style profile.
  • Alexandra will review your wardrobe and chat about possible additions or improvements.
  • You will be presented a number of designs, fabrics and colours by Alexandra and ideas that will ensure all of your wardrobe needs are met.

Minimum wardrobe spend £6,000 

(This can consist of any combination of items, from suits, sports jacket, coats and shirts)

All items will be personally delivered to your home, steamed and pressed

Bespoke Mens Tailoring midnight dinner suit Alexandra Wood

Our commitment to you: We don’t finish until it’s 100% perfect!

20 quick fired tailoring questions

Alexandra Wood tells us about her loves and hates in the tailoring world and what her favourite taste is. Quick, funny and a quick glimpse into the world of Savile Row tailor, Alexandra Wood