Trends for summer: Stripes

Mens trends used to be notoriously slow, but in recent times they’ve certainly picked up speed. We take a look at this Summers looks…

This season we’ve gone all nautical. Think classy French guy roaming around on his bicycle, minus onions around the neck. This Summer style is perfect for a fun, but laid back look with fitted shorts with rolled hems or a classic pair of navy chinos..

The navy pin stripe suit has also come back in full force. I call it the Wall Street comeback. For years, I’ve not been a fan of the pin stripe but the new style; lightweight and more of a soft chalk stripe looks far cooler than ye olde super heavy, rope stripe of yonder year…



The cool thing about pin stripe is that its quite versatile, you can mix and match and wear with different items and it can look quite cool. If you separate a classic business suit, it rarely looks great, but the pin stripe is more forgiving if you do it right.

The best part about pin stripes (vertical ones) is that it is always going to look flattering as the eye is drawn downwards, it can never do any harm, but will only slim down any physique.

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