Trans-seasonal layering: the key to conquering weather madness

We are quickly approaching that most frustrating time of year when the seasons swing with wild abandon between the crisp winter and the watery, yet pleasingly warmer, spring. Occasionally we may be graced with the sun…maybe. So how does one dress in this madness? Layering!

The trick to layering, particularly for business wear, is that you keep the layers thin to create a well-defined, classic look. You can’t beat a merino wool, plain sweater for layering with a check or textured jacket. We have some lovely options in stock in our online store.

If wearing a sweater alone, then a textured weave in a chunky knit looks great. Wear it with jeans or thicker trousers to balance out the look. You can always add a lighter weight coat on top if the day is particularly chilly.

When it comes to neck shapes, slip V-neck sweaters over an open-neck, crisp white shirt. Crew necks look best worn over a classic, white crew neck T-shirt.  Either way, make it look intentional.  I’m not a lover of cardigans, these are more for a slouchy lay about at home or an afternoon tea with your Nan so keep them at home.

As we move into spring, freshen up your look by playing with brighter colours. Jewel tones for sweaters (like this red one) look sumptuous and greens are definitely my new blue. Shirts are your foundation so avoid wishy-washy colours, particularly if you’ve gone for a bold coloured sweater.  Think texture, thin stripe or my favourite; white.

I believe that men should definitely experiment with more colour layering, too. The safe option is to stick with neutrals (navy, camel, black, grey, white), but if you get the shade right for your skin tone, it can do wonders. The key to layering with colours is simplicity. Keep to one or two rather than multiple colours (e.g. using different ones for the shirt, jumper, tie, suit) unless you’ve really tapped into your style. If you want to add some drama, add this with a contrast pocket square or tie.

Scarves with some interest look great, so search for something with a different weave or that is made up of a few shades.

For your outermost layer, our tweed jackets are the perfect item to wear. A jacket that’s warm enough for cold days but won’t leave you having to wear a coat as well. Add a scarf and merino sweater to make it perfect for when it’s that bit cooler.

Oh – don’t forget your umbrella!