Traditional hire wear suits from AW

Traditional morning wear for your wedding.

The morning suit isn’t as widely used as has been seen in previous years, but nonetheless it is still very much worn, more so at formal, Church and Cathedral weddings.

Wearing a traditional morning suit doesn’t mean you have to be void of personality. Grooms are mixing it up these days and embracing their own style, with ties instead of cravats, pocket watches and pocket squares, all helping to make it look their own.
Options for styling your morning suit:
Classic three piece morning suit in the same colour, with simple tie or cravat and pocket square.

Wear a two piece in the same colour and add a contrast waistcoat of choice. Wear with plain tie.

Either choose a modern, lightweight mohair for style and comfort or opt for a heavier, traditional look; black herringbone with striped trousers and grey waistcoat or the navy option.

Helpful tips for your morning suit:

Do wear it well fitted.

Wear a double breasted waistcoat for added style and be bang on trend
Buy or have your own waistcoat made in a trendy style, to make the suit pop.
Choosing a morning suit or tails as otherwise known for your wedding? Why not view our wide collection of styles and colours.

We also hold a wide stock of colourful ties, cravats and pocket squares.

See you soon,

Alexandra X