Top ten trends for Men this Summer 2016

Top ten trends for Men this Summer 2016

So, usually we see colourful suits coming out in full flow, but not this Summer. You can safely place a bet on your wardrobe, that you probably have just what you need already there. Although, the weight of the fabric may be a little heavy so opting for lighter, Summer weight fabrics is a must.

This Summer 2016, the predictions are as follows..

(Please note that we’ve only selected the styles that we feel will work for you).

Grey is making a comeback or should I say, staying on from Winter. However, they will be more layered and contrasted. Think grey checks with classic, plain grey trousers.

Green. This colour has been poking its sneaky nose in for some time now, but is set to be in full flow by the time Summer comes around. From khaki to mint green, this colour can work much better than you may think.

Prints. When thinking of prints, most people would probably think of feminine, floaty shirts. Well, you probably wouldn’t be too far off the mark to be honest, but team it with a strong tailored blazer and this could look really rather slick.

Suede. This fabric is rarely seen but it is light and feels great so why shouldn’t it make a comeback. Tread cautiously though, done incorrectly and this could become a rapid, epic fail.

Backpacks. No clunky Bear Gryll numbers here. We’re talking streamline and elegant. Hooray for me, as it’ll keep you lovely people putting your entire life’s contents inside your suits…

I’m a great believer of taking a few ideas from this and make it your own. Perhaps a green blazer, with a crisp white shirt with slick tapered chinos and a cheeky pocket square or a chinoiserie print shirt with a tailored navy blazer and white, tailored shorts and a pair of chocolate brown ray bans.

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