Ironed white shirt

Top tips for ironing shirts

It’s unavoidable, and admittedly not terribly enjoyable, but ironing your shirt correctly is essential to achieve a polished appearance. Non-iron shirts won’t get you out of it either. They don’t exist in our book: it simply means those shirts will be a little easier to iron.  So, to make this unavoidable task easier, I’ve compiled my top tips for ironing shirts.

  1. Always iron shirts when slightly damp.
  2. Have a spray bottle of filtered water to hand so that you can spritz if the fabric is dry.
  3. Always iron the sleeves last, from the shoulder into the cuff.
  4. Iron the collar on the outside so that any marks are hidden when you turn it down.
  5. After ironing put the shirt straight onto the hanger.

Or better still take them to the dry cleaners and have the professionals take care of it!

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