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Three myths about hire suits

Three myths about hire suits

When you mention the words ‘suit hire’ people tend to envisage an ill-fitting, poorly made and maintained suit that looks as though twenty people wore it in the past week alone. Previous experiences, either your own or of someone you know, may have left you with some doubts as to whether it really is a good idea to hire a suit. We’d like to put your mind at rest by busting a few myths surrounding hire suits.

1. Wearing a hire suit means you’ll look like you are wearing someone else’s suit

You definitely won’t in an Alexandra Wood suit.

Firstly, our suits are impeccably clean and exceptionally well-maintained. No worn-out areas. No stains.

Secondly, our hire wear ranges are hand-picked by us, so unless you are in a bridal party, you’ll look like you’ve chosen your own beautiful suit.

We will make sure you are as comfortable in your hire suit as you are in your own clothes. We understand that weddings and large events can be long days so we have lightweight options available. Plus, we have styles that are slim-fitting, haven’t been worn a thousand times, and are fitted to ensure that you look your best all day long.

2. Hire suits are just for weddings

Not at all! Our clients hire suits for a number of occasions including:

  • Royal Ascot
  • Formal parties
  • Black-tie award dinners
  • Summer/Winter Balls and Proms

We have created a collection of suits that are appropriate for all occasions and can best advise you on how to bring the entire look together.

3. Hire suits are shapeless and unattractive

Our suits certainly aren’t. We would never send our customers off in something that didn’t flatter them.

We have around five hire-wear and accessories ranges available in current styles. Hiring is also a great way to see how a particular style of suit looks on you.

Rest assured, fit is paramount to us and we are as exacting with our hire wear as we are with bespoke and made-to-measure suits.

I hope that’s put your mind at ease. If you have a big event coming up, do consider hiring a suit. Due to popular demand from our London-based clients, we’ve now made our hire wear ranges available in our new store in Shoreditch.

P.S. I’ve compiled my five top tips for hiring suits in this post.


Words by Katrina Strathearn @ Veracity Content