Winter Wardrobe - Man in hat and coat

My top 10 Winter wardrobe must-haves for men

Take a little time to prepare your wardrobe now and you’ll be the best-dressed man in the city this winter.

Mens overcoat
Yesterday I invested in my winter wardrobe. That’s right, invested. Because that’s what it is – an investment in yourself. When you dress sharply and you get that wonderful feeling inside, like everything just fits and feels so well put together, you can’t help but exude confidence to those around you. It may sound artificial, a little self-obsessed maybe, but I’m a massive believer of that your outside should reflect your inside and that the two work in tandem.

So, I ask you this: have you thought about your winter wardrobe? Have you thought about the key pieces you need in order for your wardrobe to be an effortless masterpiece? It should be a considered operation each season to make sure that every morning choosing an outfit is easy and you can be confident that you’ll be nothing but well co-ordinated.  To help you get started, I’ve put together my top ten winter wardrobe must-haves.

1.Suits: Ideally, you will have four to five if you’re in meetings daily. Colours should be mainly blue with a grey or two thrown in for variety.

2.Shirts: Have a minimum of five, mainly in white. For me, white wins every time and makes every tie look great. Try our Classic White Double Cuff and the Classic White Single Cuff shirts below.


3.An overcoat: Do invest in the best you can. They look so good when they are beautifully made, and they’re seen so much that it’s a shame not to get one tailored just for you. Wearing one of our limited edition collection overcoats (below) will ensure you have a unique and sophisticated piece to wear for years to come.


4.V-neck or round neck sweaters in soft, muted tones: Layering is key for comfort in winter. If you’re slightly heavier opt for thinner fabrics like fine Merino, and if you’re very slim opt for slightly thicker fabrics.


5.Good shoes, in black and chocolate: It’s never a good idea to scrimp on shoes. Your feet will hurt and they won’t last long. Keep them clean and classic and you can’t go wrong.

6.Nice socks: They don’t need to be wacky colours, but they do need to be good quality. Tennis socks with holes just don’t cut it. They peep out and yes, we can see them. Pick up a new pair or two online.


7.Two to three pairs of well-cut trousers in flannel. They look elegant and work well with blazers.

8.Blazers: A navy blazer and a tweed or checked sports jacket (liked our Checkered Past Blazer) will do just fine and you can mix these up quite easily with the rest of your wardrobe.

9.Classic white t-shirts: They work well under v-neck sweaters and cotton is nice against the skin in any season.

10.Casual shirts: Have a few shirts that are strictly for going out so that you’re not wearing the same white shirt you wear for work. You’ll feel fresher and have more flexibility in your out-of-office wardrobe.


If you’re interested in sprucing up, or completely replacing your wardrobe, drop into our Bishop’s Stortford or Shoreditch stores for a chat, email us at or phone 0203 369 8969.