The Hand dyed shoe company: Why we can’t get enough

My friends know me to be a straight talker. If I don’t like something, I’m not backwards in coming forwards, saying, ”No, its toot” and picking it apart. I love luxury and have always been fascinated by things that are well made, are stylish and are just a little different and Simon Bourne of Hand dyed shoes company is just that!

This is where Simon Bourne of Hand dyed shoes comes in. I was introduced to Simon via a friend of mine after he had a light bulb moment and thought we would get on like a house on fire. He wasn’t wrong! The passion that he has for the business is electric and something I can completely relate to. He literally didn’t come up for air and I know that feeling, as I have to be careful when talking about my business, not to start leaping around because I believe in it so much.

Its all in the story

What I absolutely love about Hand dyed shoes is the story. Its humble, it’s sweet but also genius and let me tell you, these are some seriously hot shoes and Im royally annoyed that I’m not a guy right now, as I would own every pair.

”It was late summer 2014 and I was working for a fabulous company creating hand-dyed leather sofas for some of the world’s wealthiest. It had just turned into that frosty autumn chill as another bag of sofa waste was launched into the big blue bin from the workshop floor. It’d been a long day, there wasn’t a single conversation with a customer, so when I returned to my desk I found myself browsing my fashionistas, Hugo Boss, Dunhill and my upmost favourite, Berluti!

I was salivating. I love the brand and I love their products, but sadly I didn’t have a lawyer’s salary.

I stepped away from my desk once more to lift another bag of sofa offcuts into the waste bin… and it’s then that it hit me. Imagine if I could make a bag, or a wallet using these offcuts and dye it myself? It would be exclusive, one of a kind, like the beautiful sofas we were crafting!

Fast forward two years and over one hundred prototypes had crossed my palms before the company truly launched…

Mr. Elrick, a former book seller from Chester-le-Street, Durham, became my first customer on 22nd January 2016. A handmade pair of chestnut wingtips dubbed Mr. Rump to signify the 100% ‘leather’ upper and outsole. He still walks in those shoes to this very day having wed his beloved wife in them that same month.

#YourShoesYourWay was born.

Love of business

It’s rare I’m blown away by something, it takes a lot for me to say do you know what; he’s just got it. I love business as well as quality and Simon has the brand, the imagery, the personality, product, customer service, my list goes on. The only thing I said to him was: Have you got press on this and he said no, I don’t really know what to do. So I got all over excited like I do and reeled off a list of to do’s.

I love talking about businesses that share the same ethos as ours and who are truly passionate about creating something really special for the customer, which is exactly what our business is built on. When a customer looks amazing and feels like they’re wearing something special, thats just magic!

Where can I buy these shoes?

You can find Simons shoes online here. Please, no emails telling me off for introducing him to you because you love the shoes so much 😉

Happy shoe shopping,