Christmas gift

The best Christmas gifts for the discerning gent

The best Christmas gifts for the discerning gent

I (like thousands of others I assume) find it infuriating when people respond with “Nothing” when you ask them what they’d like for Christmas. Gift shopping is difficult at the best of times, let alone when you’re sent into the Christmas shopping fray without any idea of what to buy.

Be it your friend, father, brother, uncle, nephew, son or business partner, I’ve got you covered with a list of Christmas gifts guaranteed to put a smile on that special gentleman’s face. And there’s something to suit every budget, too!

*Tip: Instead of asking them, take a close look at what they are wearing – it will give you some great clues about what colours, clothes and accessories they like.

Stocking stuffers

Socks & accessories: small and perfectly formed, both needed and wanted. We’ve got the classiest options on the street (and online).
Grooming products: pamper your nearest and dearest with those lovely products they’d never buy themselves
Magazine subscription: a gift that keeps a smile on their face for a year. Pick a publication that fits their interests (golf, travel) or something broader like GQ, Esquire, Time or Men’s Health.
Laptop brush (Cos): Useful and good looking, it will fit in their laptop bag, briefcase or desk drawer and hide the crumbs from the turkey sandwich they snuck out last night.

Blue bicycle pattern socks
Blue bicycle pattern socks by Corgi £16
Pocket Square by Mr Jenks
Pocket Square by Mr Jenks £30
Red checked lambswool scarf by Hogarth £24.95
Grey patterned scarf
Grey patterned scarf by Johnstones £55






Magnetic Collar Stays
Magnetic Collar Stays £25
Shave oil
Shave oil by Pall Mall Barbers £22
GQ Magazine
GQ Magazine Subscription from £15
Cos laptop brush
Cos laptop brush £17







Mid-range heart-melters

Shirts & Cufflinks: Don’t leave them looking for a shirt or cufflinks to wear with their gift – buy them together.
Statement blazer or overcoat: Keep them warm and stylish with a limited-edition version blazer, overcoat or mac.
Leather hold-all: The perfect gift for the dapper gent with a taste for travel. These gorgeous bags will last them for years.
Wine/Gin/Whisky: For the man who likes a good tipple by the fire. Take the time to visit a sommelier in a reputable cellar or find a specialist retailer and pick a good vintage.
Event tickets: Tickets for sporting events, opera, theatre, festivals, or even a boutique distillery visit are great treats – and they might even take you along!
Gadgets: GQ offer some great suggestions for gadgets that simplify your life including the Google Home, Navdy and the reMarkable tablet. You could always go for a stylish pair of B&O headphones too…

Classic white double cuff
Classic white double cuff £95
Gold cufflinks
Gold cufflinks by Alice Made This £110
Shark Jawbone Cufflinks
Shark Jawbone cufflinks by Lee Renee £138
So Meshed Up Blazer
So Meshed Up Blazer £525
It's a Cover Up covert coat
It’s a Cover Up covert coat £577
Tan leather holdall by The British Bag Company
Tan leather holdall by The British Bag Company £220
Beoplay H4 Wireless headphone
Beoplay H4 Wireless headphone £249












Lux and lovely

Bespoke suit: the ultimate gift for your sartorially savvy loved one. Book them an appointment with us via for a truly special and personal gift.
Dress watch: A classic timepiece is a gift that will be treasured and hopefully passed on. Est 1897 and Xupes – who worked with us to match watches to formal wear – both have beautiful ranges.
Mini-break holiday: Why not gift a quick trip across the channel to Paris, a weekend in Rome or a burst of sunshine in Croatia. Stay tuned for my favourite winter breaks in next month’s blog.
Leica vintage look camera: We all use our phones for photos, but for the serious traveller and amateur photographer this gorgeous Leica Q camera is handsome and functional. I’d be taking photos just so everyone could admire it!

Blue suit with brown tie
Bespoke tailoring from £3000
Watch from Est.1987
Dress watch from Xupes
Leica Q Camera
Leica Q Camera £3,770







Still no idea?

You can’t go wrong with a gift certificate from their favourite boutique retailer (ahem, us!). We offer gift certificates in denominations of £50, £100, £250, £500 and £1000. They’ll be able to choose or have made something that suits them perfectly.

Gift certificates
Alexandra Wood gift certificates

Happy shopping!

*We have not been paid or approached to endorse any brands featured here, they are just our personal favourites!