Tailoring Q&A’s – Find out what’s on trend for A/W 2014-15

What is on trend for A/W 2014-15?

I’m rather excited about this seasons colouring. Finally Menswear is drawing on past eras and saying it’s ok to wear brown. Who would have thought!

It’s still a definite no no to wear the colour brown in the boardroom, but as a casual look or smart/casual look it can look phenomenal and you can really go to town with the accessories. You could even add in a pocket watch and if you’re very bold, hey, why not add in a monocle and cane!

  • If you think more vintage this season, looking towards the bronze shades you are pretty much there. Get inspired by the Great Gatsby, and you can’t go wrong!
  • Add warm burgundy and bronzed waistcoats with chocolate or pale brown tones and the look becomes much richer.
  • Wear chocolate, burgundy or tan brown shoes to set off the autumnal tones.
  • For a more relaxed, not so contrived look, opt for a slim fit pair of jeans, crisp white open necked shirt with a contrast coloured waistcoat and brown blazer.

brown suitgreat gatsby 2great gtsby 3

Autumnal suits come in a wide variety of shades. We will help advise you wear the colour to complement your skin tone to perfection.

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