Suitspiration from The Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby
Who would have thought watching a baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio go down with the Titanic all those years ago that in 2013 he would revive the fabulousness of the Great Gatsby, en par with the iconic Robert Redford? Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation of this classic novel makes us all giddy with excitement and a good measure of jealousy – the parties, the cars, the women, the clothes, who wouldn’t want to be friends with Jay? Whilst we don’t dispute that the ladies are dressed to kill, the real stars are the gents in their impeccable ensembles.

There are the tailored fits, an abundance of beautiful three piece suits in a variety of colours – we are particularly fond of the ones donned by Gatsby himself (and this has nothing to do with Mr DiCaprio getting better with age) paired with gorgeous ties, sitting impeccably over crisp Shirts – unless the partying got in the way and just like the morals of the time they needed loosening up. We love the matching pocket handkerchiefs, the pinstripes, we even have a soft spot for the hats – these guys even make the gentleman’s boot look sizzling hot – Polo was all the rage back then!

We wouldn’t mind the men in our lifes take a leaf out of the Gatsby book …

Written by Marie Ruser-Lucas

Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby bespoke suits