Suit fabrics to keep you looking cool this Summer

You’re sat in the office on a Friday. You’re hot, you’re itching, you’re just dying to throw all your clothes off, sprint into the nearest patch of grass and bask in the cooling breezes of summer.

And that office attire isn’t helping matters, is it?

You feel like you’re baking from the inside. How can clothes that were your best friend in Autumn suddenly make you feel like you’re sweating out your own bodyweight? It feels heavy, it feels constricting – but what if you could swap it for something just a little more…breezy?

Well, you can. Cool Breeze is the quintessential summer fabric. At only 8-9 oz it’s perfect for those tropical climates (or a ridiculously overheated office), and will let your body breathe comfortably. You won’t even have to worry about unsightly sweat stains – the inner core of the wool fibre absorbs body perspiration, releasing it immediately into the air.

If summer travel is on your books, you’ll want a suit made from Crispaire. As well as being light and crisp, it possesses excellent recovery and doesn’t crease, thanks to the Merino Wool. This means you’ll turn up to Marbella looking just as chic as when you boarded at Gatwick, rather than looking as though you’ve slept in your suit (even if you just have).