Suits on a rail

Style Doctor: How to ace your style

All you need to know to avoid a fashion faux pas. Dr. Wood will see you now to answer all of your pressing style concerns.

Q: It’s Christmas party season again but I’m bored of my usual dinner suit. What do you suggest?

A: As long you haven’t been asked specifically to wear black tie (see my latest post for more information), there are a number of ways to update your look.

  • Opt for a contrast colour or a clashing patterned waistcoat to really stand out.
  • Update your jacket with a shawl collar – it’s a classic design which looks super sharp with a bibbed style waistcoat.
  • Consider a peak lapel. It gives a nod to the old school era of Sean Connery in James Bond and offers a classic look.
  • Add a contrast bow tie and pocket square to a classic black dinner suit and waistcoat for a subtle hint of pizzazz.
  • Consider swapping your plain black dinner jacket for one with a bit of sparkle, like our Sparkle Noir Dinner Jacket, or even velvet like our Midnight Velvet Smoking Jacket (both below) to channel film stars on the red carpet ala Tom Ford.

Sparkle Noir Dinner JacketMidnight Velvet Smoking Jacket

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Q: Do I have to wear a dinner shirt with wing-tip collars?
A: No. Unless it’s been requested for a wedding or an extremely formal event (i.e. meeting the queen), it really isn’t necessary. Points and half cut-away collars are fine. Do make sure you are wearing a shirt with French cuffs though.

What’s IN this month: rain macs, overcoats and polo neck sweaters
This combination has made a real come back in recent years. Polo neck (or roll neck) sweaters don’t have to look naff: in dark, muted colours and soft materials they can look quite sophisticated when worn with a mac or tailored overcoat. Avoid wearing one with a tight blazer though. If you are concerned about comfort around your neck, choose a lower polo neck without the turnover or ‘roll neck’.

If you are looking for the perfect overcoat or mac, search no longer, we have some lovely options in store:

It's a Cover Up Covert CoatMocca Double Breasted OvercoatDaddy Mac KhakiDaddy Mac Petrol

Left to right: It’s a Cover Up Overcoat; Mocca Double Breasted Coat; The Daddy Mac Khahi; The Daddy Mac Petrol

What’s OUT this month: Trainers with a baggy suit
Wearing hi-tech joggers or clumpy trainers with a baggy suit on the run to work is never okay. From a fashion perspective, it doesn’t work for the man on the street: it’s best left to couture designers and models on the runway. If comfort has influenced your shoe choice, invest more in your everyday leather shoes – cheap pairs are rarely soft and don’t wear well – and leave baggy suits in the 1980s where they belong. Thankfully Andy Samberg has improved his style since this disaster at the 2009 MTV movie awards.

Andy Samberg at the 2009 MTV Awards