Suits on a rail

Style Doctor: Dressing for Autumn, Choosing Shoes & Statement Blazers

All you need to know to avoid a fashion faux pas.

Dr. Wood will see you now to answer all of your pressing style concerns.

Q: How can I dress to commute comfortably in this odd weather and stay looking polished?

A: I understand the conundrum: it’s not quite cold enough for a coat but too chilly to go without an extra something.  Firstly, avoid choosing a heavy knit as it will bulk up your look if you’re wearing a suit and end up being inconvenient if the weather does warm up or someone turns down the air-conditioning at work. Learning to layer is the way to overcome this challenge (I’ve done a whole blog post on it). Start with a light jumper in a fine Merino wool, and then wear a light Mac coat or Covert coat to protect yourself from the inevitable showers and wind. For weekends, a soft blazer over your shirt/jumper combination will keep you comfortable without looking like you’re headed to the ski slopes.

Q: I love shoes but I don’t know how to match them with outfits. What coloured shoes should I pair with my suit?

A: We’re often asked what colour shoes to wear with suits. Here are a few simple tips:

  • Lighter tan coloured shoes work well with vibrant blue, brown and olive.
  • A darker brown shoe works well with navy for a smarter, business look or with textured grey suits.
  • Choose black shoes for black and charcoal suits.
  • Unless the suit is a very, very dark blue, I would avoid black and stick to dark brown.

What’s IN this month: Statement Blazers

A blazer with a bit of personality is a great way to lift your mood as the weather gets chilly. Seek out a blazer with patterned fabric, unique buttons, velvet trim or a fancily printed lining and wear it with a classic white shirt. I recommend avoiding the high street – if everyone wears the same blazer it’s not really a ‘statement’ anymore. Go bespoke or made-to-measure, or if you’d like one sooner check out my limited-edition blazers in store in Shoreditch or Bishop’s Stortford.

What’s OUT this month: Untucked shirts

Gentleman, there is no excuse. Even movie stars like Channing Tatum can’t get away with this, try as they might. It looks sloppy and does nothing for your confidence. It’s also disrespectful to your beautifully tailored bespoke suit! If you’re seeking a more casual look wear a shirt tucked into a well cut, dark pair of jeans.