Style Doctor December 2017: How to pack a suit, sexy shirt colours and bad Christmas ties

Style Doctor December 2017: How to pack a suit, sexy shirt colours and bad Christmas ties

All you need to know to avoid a fashion faux pas. Dr. Wood will see you now to answer all of your pressing style concerns. 

Q: I have a few business trips booked in this month, how do I pack my suits so they travel well?

When we show customers how to pack their suits, they look at us in horror. Why? Well, you need to turn the jacket inside out (*gasp*).

Start by unbuttoning the jacket and place it ‘front down’ on a flat surface. Pop the left shoulder inside out and fold the jacket in half, tucking the right shoulder inside the left (the sleeves don’t have to be turned out, it’s ok!). You then simply fold the jacket in half (long ways) and again upwards and place in bag. The suit (depending on fabric) should arrive with you crease free.

Step 1 Folding a jacket Step 2 Folding a jacket









Step 3 Folding a jacket    Step 4 Folding a jacket

The UK Business Insider website has a great step-by-step diagram, or refer to this YouTube video.

*Bonus tip: Roll your ties up and pack them in the heels of your shoes.

Q: I need some new shirts, but my wife has asked me to buy different colours this time that better suit my skin tone. What colour shirts should I be wearing with my skin tone?

A shirt is the piece of clothing you wear closest to your skin, so it is important to choose the right shade for you. Here is our easy guide to help you make the right decision:

Pale skin tones (blue base tones)

If you are whiter than snow it’s best to choose crisp whites, pale shades of blue and pink rather than vibrant colours that may make you look washed out.

Power blue cotton twill shirt
Pink Panther cotton twill shirt







Mid skin tones (yellow base tones)

With this skin type, you can opt for warmer colour tones. We would advise cream rather than white, and a mid blue, rather than pale blue. These enhanced colours will be much more complimentary to your colouring.

Oxford blue cotton shirt






Olive skin tones (green base tones)

If you have a richer, darker skin tone you can get away with colour far more easily. From a crisp white to warmer shades of blue, deeper shades of pink (even fuchsia), purple, you can go a little wild with vibrant shades.

Classic white double cuff shirt







You may also find my post on matching shirt fabrics to your suit helpful.


What’s IN this month? Plaid scarves and camel overcoats

Plaid checks were all over the autumn-winter 2017 catwalks and are now gracing the high street with their multi-coloured presence in abundance. It can be tricky to wear without evoking images of kilts or lumberjacks, but used as an accent it’s a great winter pattern. Keep it simple by pairing a plaid scarf in soft wool with a single-coloured, tailored overcoat or dark blazer in complementary colours. Our 100% lamb’s wool scarves in red/white/blue or blue/grey are just the ticket.

Red, white & blue checked scarf
Blue & grey checked scarf







Coincidentally (or perhaps not) plaid also goes nicely with camel: a huge colour trend this season. This is great news as a streamlined camel overcoat is a ‘go with everything’ wardrobe investment that will never go out of style. Just update your look with accessories each winter.

What’s OUT this month? festive novelty socks and ties

What’s my Christmas wish? For men to stop throwing all their hard-earned style points away with festive novelty socks and ties. I know – how very boring. But there are ways to be festive without going out in socks covered in little Santa faces and ties featuring a reindeer with a flashing red nose. (God forbid the ones that play Jingle Bells!) Try incorporating muted greens or reds into your outfits via soft jumperstextured ties and subtly patterned socks. If you absolutely must, wear the Santa socks at home on Christmas morning.

Burgundy merino roll neck sweater
Paisley silk tie
Red striped socks







While we’re on the topic, please, please avoid ties that look like giant kippers. That means both ties that literally look like a fish and those that are big and overly shiny. Thank you.