Shirts – Choose the right tone for your skin

The shirt is the closest piece of clothing you wear next to your skin, so it is important to choose the right shade for you. Here is our easy guide to help you make the right decision:

Pale skin tones (blue base tones)

If you are whiter than snow it’s best to choose crisp whites, pale shades of blue and pink rather than vibrant colours that may make you look washed out.

Mid skin tones (yellow base tones)

Here you can opt for warmer colour tones. We would advise cream rather than white. A mid blue, rather than pale. The enhancement in colour will be much more complimentary to your colouring.

Olive skin tones (green base tones)

With richer, darker skin tones you can get away with colour far more easily. From a crisp white to warmer shades of blue, deeper shades of pink (even fuchsia) and purple and more vibrant shades.