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Shirt styles to wear now

To celebrate the launch of the new line of limited edition Alexandra Wood shirts, we have made March our month of shirt advice and inspiration.

A shirt is just a shirt, right? No, not really. The shirt you choose plays a lead role in showcasing your personal style. There is a huge amount of choice out there with endless variations for each element of the shirt. Here is my take on the shirt styles to wear now.

Slim and stylish
Slim fit shirts continue to rise in popularity. Keep them clean and classic for business with hard collars and cuffs to show you mean business.

Furthermore, it’s best to have two darts at the back of the shirt. No matter what size you are, this gives a waisted illusion, which only helps you look slimmer.

Evening character
Be brave when choosing your evening shirts. Contrasting inner collar stands add a little something without going overboard. Take the time to find a shirt that has subtle details that separate it from its plain neighbours – it’s a simple way to show your style without trying too hard.

Fantastic flexibility
Look for a semi cut-away Windsor collar for the most flexibility. It will look great with a tie, and you’ll avoid it looking too cut away if you wear it without a tie, or ‘spread-eagled’ if you keep your collar open.

Catchy collars
Button down collars are rarely seen these days but are usually found in check shirts or casual shirts. If the reason for wearing a button down is to clamp down on unruly collars, just remove the collar stays provided and add in the fabulous new magnetic collar stays to maintain a sharp look all day.

Winged collars are becoming less popular for evening attire. I’m frequently asked about this subject and my advice is to opt for a semi cut-away collar with your bow tie – it’s deemed more than acceptable these days.

Devine details
Always make sure your cuffs sit on the top of your hand and not over them. Wearing your cuffs too long will make your shirts look sloppy. If you already possess a shirt with said problem, a quick fix can be found by moving the buttons on the cuff to make them a closer fit.

Although military style shirts and jackets graced the catwalks at London Fashion Week Men’s, pockets definitely make shirts look more casual and I’m not generally a fan. Try to avoid as they only add extra bulk where it’s not wanted.


Be bold
Shirts are definitely getting more daring towards summer, so go bold and brave. From softer silkier fabrics to bold prints; if you’ve got it flaunt it. But please exercise restraint. Make a statement with your shirt and avoid vibrant shorts and accessories. Tone those down and you’ll have it bang on! On the bottom half, think slim fit chinos for the warmer seasons. Soon we will be launching a new range of trousers designed to complement these styles perfectly.

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