Why we say blue is best for your bespoke suit

Blue suit

Hello, and welcome to the first in a series of style tips from Alexandra. Here she’ll be unlocking Savile Row’s secrets and giving you the style keys!

First tip? Own a navy suit, gentlemen.

If you think blue is only for trying to rock the nautical look, then think again. This shade is a much friendlier colour than the more sombre charcoal or black, and helps to present a more open persona. Dark suits are severe, and don’t always give off the best impression, especially if you’re trying to look open and approachable.

Blue wedding suitAnd don’t forget the most important aspect – blue is a young, friendly colour. Choose the right shade for you and it will bring vibrancy to your skin tone and a youthful vigour to your look.

With a blue suit you also have much greater creative freedom in terms of texture and colour choice to experiment with. Thin herringbone or birdseye will work particularly well for the corporate environment.

The scope for utilising the blue suit is also much more vast in the modern day. From job interviews to weddings, it will keep you looking fresh but no less formal.

See the beauty of blue unleashed to the right in a sublime two tone electric blue dinner suit with plain satin facing, which Alexandra created recently for a wedding.

Blue suits have also been used to powerful effect by celebrities, including Gerard Butler, Matt Bomer, Ryan Gosling and Taylor Lautner.