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We offer you stylish, effortless bespoke suits with minimum fuss, in a relaxed environment that leaves you neither shaken nor stirred. Our suits are designed with busy people in mind; meaning swift consultations, effective choice making and minimal fittings, leaving you to enjoy your bespoke suit.

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“Bespoke” in the strictest sense means a suit made from scratch, using paper patterns cut specifically for you. No modified pattern blocks are involved at all. We can sketch and create any design of suit you wish, so if you wanted lapels like zig-zags, you’ve got it.

You can expect to have a basted fitting. This is where the suit is half-made by our UK workshops, then a wide variety of modifications are made from here onwards, fine-tuning your suit to perfection. This is why you will have many more fittings than with made-to-measure – up to five in some cases. You will see lots of exposed stitching and will be able to see first-hand what interfacing will be inside your jacket.

She really does pay attention to what I’ve asked for and has not been shy to guide me to what does and doesn’t suit my personal style.
– Craig Leverett