Questions you should ask before buying a made to measure suit

Time can be saved when choosing your tailor, by following our helpful guide on how to research beforehand and knowing what to ask when you’re there, you’ll be well informed and confident of making the right choice:

You’re considering a made to measure suit, you trawl through Google and make a mini list of those you like the look of, who have reasonable reviews and look reputable. You get there and realise that you have no idea what questions to ask, which leaves you completely confused. Here are a few, helpful pointers for you to find the right tailor for you and what questions to ask, in order to help you make the best decisions:

Before you make an appointment:

Prior to your appointment its wise to research the tailor you would like to make your suit. No one wants to waste time, trawling from place to place. Here are our top 5 tips to making sure you get it right:

1- Google and do your research. Google ads may bring up tailors to the top of the search engine, however, this doesn’t mean that they are the best fit for you; pardon the pun. Continue down the pages and take the time to see who you like the look of.

2- Don’t get click happy. Its easy to send an enquiry to a few tailors you like the look of, but a considered approach will save time all round.

3- Make a call or email for more information before booking your appointment. Most tailors will be happy to run through your questions with you prior to you making a decision.

4- Whats important to you? Price, quality, great design. The list is endless and can’t be compromised.

5- Set your budget and find out if the tailor matches your requirements. Don’t book a tailor who will be more expensive, as you’ll only end up disappointed.

6- Check out their gallery page, reviews and Instagram pages are usually the most helpful, to show their most current work and to get a feel for the company.

When you’re there:

These are the questions you should ask when you arrive at your appointment. the point of having a made to measure suit, is to get every part of the suit just right for you. This means, fit, colour, fabric, design and linings, so its worth taking the time to consider these questions:

1- What fabrics would work best for the occasion I have in mind

2-Explain where and what you are wearing your suit for and the tailor will be able to advise you of the style and fabric that will work best for you and your occasion.

3- Which construction will work best for me, to make the most of my body shape

4-Which style and fit would you recommend for me

5-What colour will work well for my skin tone and make me look my best

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