Barbados bright pink bamboo single cuff shirt


Need a shirt that you look and feel cool in? This is the shirt for you. Made from a luxurious linen and bamboo killer combination. The bamboo gives the linen a much softer drape and is less stiff than pure linen, making it comfortable for hotter days and climates.

This is the perfect shirt for travel, holidays and smart days in the sunshine!

Benefits of fabric:

  • Incredibly absorbent and wicks away moisture from the body to keep the wearer comfortable.
  • Contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents and so bamboo fabrics are good for sensitive or allergy prone skin and have good deodorising properties.
  • The growth cycle of Bamboo is sustainable.
  • Bamboo thrive without the need for pesticides.
  • Bamboo fibre is 100% biodegradable.

Also available in white and blue.

Sizing Guide


Single cuff

Slim sleeve

Dry clean or hand washed only

Darted for shape

Windsor cuff with removable bones

Additional information


15.5 in, 16 in, 16.5 in, 17 in, 17.5 in, 17.75 in