Client case study

Alan Kirkbride

"Ultimately, I have my suits made by Alexandra, because they are beautiful, high quality products, which represent excellent value for money..."


Project Manager, Ernst & Young



Why did you initially choose Alexandra Wood for your tailoring?

I read the article on bespoke tailoring by Tony Parsons, in GQ magazine. Around this time, I was thinking of taking the “bespoke plunge”, but did not have any idea on which tailor to approach. Tony’s article made my mind up, with his description of the cut and quality of suits made by Alexandra, combined with the high level of personalised service, and a generally more modern and unfussy approach than is traditionally associated with Savile Row.

How long have you used Alexandra for?

I ordered my first suit in 2017, which I wanted to wear at my son’s wedding. I loved the suit so much that I have since ordered another three bespoke suits from Alexandra, to complete my wardrobe, and replace the ill- fitting suits I’ve previously bought.

What has been the biggest change/impact you’ve noticed since working with Alexandra Wood?

Put simply, my suits now fit superbly, and feel much more comfortable than any suits I’ve worn in the past. I’ve also benefitted from Alexandra’s advice on fabric and colour, so I now wear suits that flatter my shape, are “age appropriate”, (without being drab and boring), and which complement my skin tone.

What does dressing well mean to you?

Wearing a well-cut suit increases my all round confidence, and reinforces the image I want to give – of someone who has a strong sense of personal style, who wants to be immaculately turned out, but who does not want to give the impression of trying too hard.

What’s important to you by way of image?

Conveying a strong sense of professionalism through the clothes I wear, but also through avoiding a “bland, corporate” impression, by wearing suits that are obviously a bit different and stylish, not only because of colour and fit, but through application of personalised touches that a bespoke suit provides; like working cuffs, colourful linings.

What do you feel makes Alexandra Wood different?

Her commitment to traditional levels of Savile Row quality, but without the negative connotations that Savile Row can have, which is off-putting to someone like me, who has never been drawn towards the historic “gentleman’s club” image of Savile Row tailoring. But ultimately, I have my suits made by Alexandra, because they are beautiful, high quality products, which represent excellent value for money.