Q&A with Callum Ilott, Bishops Stortford racing driver: Part 1

Following his visit to Alexandra Wood’s Bishops Stortford store last month, British Formula 3 racing driver, Callum Ilott shares his views on style in the first of 2 guest blogs.


Whose style do you most aspire to in the media?

Calvin Harris – he seems to get it right!


What would you say your fellow drivers are wearing when they’re not racing around the tracks?

When we are at the track, we tend to wear team gear. That’s usually a ‘technical’ polo shirt and fleece with jeans or trousers. We are racing all over Europe and with long days at the track, you get such a range of temperatures, we just need something that’s comfortable but smart. I’m competing in F3, that’s two levels from F1 and attention to detail is really important at this level and it’s key we represent our sponsors and team professionally. Staying smart is an important part of it.

When I’m socialising or out I do tend to dress more casually. I was wearing Jack Wills until about a year ago but it became a bit too predictable and you’d see everyone wearing the same stuff and I wanted to be different. I’m still studying so I’m working to a budget and have to pick carefully if I want to buy designer brands. I’m pretty happy with my Hugo Boss jeans and they go with almost anything. I’ll usually wear them with a casual, plain polo or t-shirt. The firm that makes my race suit, Alpinestars, does some cool t-shirts and I also recently picked up some fresh ones at Zara. They’re just right for down time or going out with friends.




What’s your go to fave wardrobe piece?

That’s difficult to pick but I’d probably go with my Hugo Boss jeans. Because I train a lot and watch what I eat, I’m pretty slim and it’s hard to find jeans that work with my skinny legs! On holiday this summer though it was shorts all the way!


What’s your favourite scent?

I guess it’s unusual but I don’t wear eau de toilette that often. If I was picking a favourite it would Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million, though. I love the whole design as well as the fragrance. There are a couple of Calvin Klein fragrances such as CKin2U that I like too, though it’s 1 Million that’s my favourite at the moment.


What item of clothing would you really love to own?

What I’d really like to get is one of those cotton casual shirts that I’ve seen by Ralph Lauren. They just work for almost every situation and go with everything; they are meant for casual but smart enough to go out in. Shoe-wise I saw some really smart Prada shoes on my last shopping trip but they were beyond my budget. When I get to F1, they’ll be on the shopping list! To be honest, my taste is expensive but I just have to be sensible right now. There will be plenty of time for Prada in the future.


What’s the most expensive piece of clothing you’ve ever bought?

That would be the Be-Shorts I bought on my summer holidays in Saint Tropez. They were £120, ouch! I am a big fan of trainers so my Hugo Boss trainers were also an extravagance. When I buy well-made and fitting clothes I find that they give you confidence. I’m also really careful with my stuff. If I like it, I want it to last and those shorts will have to last!


Where do you shop?

I like clothes and buy for myself but find the process of shopping a bit tedious at times. But if I am in the mood, we’ll head to London. I’ve got broad tastes; everywhere from Top Man and Zara through to Hugo Boss or Armani. I like Selfridges (!), but I like the smaller independents too; I was looking for t-shirts for my trip to France and found a nice maroon and aqua pair right in the local designer shop. Sometimes shopping local is just as rewarding as a trip to London.


Lastly, what would be your three top style tips?
  1. Listen to what your girlfriend says!
  2. Avoid Yellow – well, I have to!
  3. You gotta remember your shades!