New collection of cufflinks by Lee Renee

I get asked a lot for samples to be featured on our website, but rarely am I particularly taken with something. This collection is different. Cleverly designed and beautifully crafted by the talented jewellery designer Lee Renee.

Lee’s collection, ‘All at sea’ is fun, classy and will no doubt be cause for conversation.

Here’s a little about the designer herself and we’re delighted to be selling her products as of this week!

Silver shark mouth cufflinks with pearlSilver, shark cufflinks, Lee Renee

British Designer Lee Renee has already built a strong line in the fine fashion jewellery sector thanks to her signature blend of delicate, exacting and narrative-driven pieces that are easy to wear and tell powerful, distinct stories.  Lee’s work regularly graces the pages of fashion magazines and has a growing celebrity following for her cool, cryptic jewels.

Now Lee launches her first Men’s collection called ‘All at Sea’.  It features intricately hand-carved Shark jawbones and tail fins; combinations of irridescent peacock pearls and rich Rubies which ooze style and sophistication; Sailboats constructed to look like they’re crashing through the waves and beading details in mixed metals to capture the idea of intense sun light and shadow in a single piece of jewellery.

The collection is 100% handmade in the UK using solid sterling silver, oxydisation and 18ct Gold Vermeil to bring out the detailing.  It also incorporates carefully selected precious stones like Rubies, White Sapphires and Peacock Pearls to add a subtle statement to any outfit.

Lee enjoyed the challenge of creating a men’s collection, with her mix of precision and creativity her bold yet wearable style adds that little extra touch to any suit, tie or jacket, helping men to show their fashion-forward flair in the boardroom as well as in their home life.  The inspiration behind the pieces came partly from heritage:

‘My Grandpa used to make my Grandma Copper boat ornaments as anniversary gifts, so there wear loads of these beautifully constructed sailing boats mixed in with my childhood memories’; observation ‘The shark jawbones are modelled from a real Great White shark Skeleton I saw at The Natural History Museum – its size and shape fascinated me and I had to keep going back to sketch it’ and holidays ‘I saw the sun streaming through a Gondola when it was setting in Venice, and the sun made a beading pattern against the shadows. It was so beautiful I wanted to try and capture this idea of intense light and shadow in a piece of jewellery.’

Pieces retail from £59-£189.