NEW A/W 16/17 Fabrics

My favourite season is nearing, not because I like long, dark days or murky clouds but because dressing for this Season is my favourite for fabrics and classy layering.30

You’ll find heavier weight fabrics, with warmer tones and textures with a cheeky vibrant colour in the mix, with fabrics that are a wonderful blend of cashmeres, merino wools and worsted wools.

Every year, I’m finding Men are far more keen to be more experimental with their wardrobes, which is a joy to see. More colour, more texture and design in fabrics is showing that this is what people want, with bold  checks that are still subtle in their own right. What’s even better is that a full three piece quirky tweed suit can be broken down in so many ways to create a very workable wardrobe.

For example, a tweed check can work well suited and booted with matching or contrasting tie or an open neck shirt with the blazer and slim fit, flannel trousers, or a very classic look with white t-shirt, merino wool vneck fine knit and open neck shirt, with or without pocket square casually thrown into your jacket pocket…

This year we have many fabrics that will make you want to re-create your entire look.

From business suit classics to country tweeds you’re sure to find what you need.

Blazers from £850

Two piece suits from City Classics £1200

Two piece dinner/event suits from Masquerade ball From £1600

Merino wool sweaters £105

Cashmere sweaters £245

Coming next will be our view and fave picks from the new seasons trends…

See you soon,

Alexandra x