NEW accessories at AW Bespoke

I love a special something that captures my eye and makes me all excited. Like an amazing song that comes on the radio or waking up for Christmas you get that fuzzy feeling inside! No? Ok, just me then 😉 When I came across these cufflinks on Instagram made by Alice Made This, I felt very excited indeed.

I’ve seen plenty of novelty, diamond encrusted and skull cufflinks, but these were different. Elegant, sleek and with their clean lines they look almost like glass at times.

What’s more exciting about these is the way their made and where they’re made and the story behind them.

Alice & Ed (the genius company founders) couldn’t find anything cufflinks that they liked for their own wedding a few years back and with that in mind they decided to create their own and have since gone from strength to strength. Not only that but they use British industrial engineering processes and use a clean and honest approach to all of their accessories.

“Inspired by architecture and geometry, a passion and respect for British factories lies at our core.”

Alice made this cufflinks are now proudly displayed at our new shop at 10 High Street, Bishops Stortford and will also be available online from the beginning of October.

I hope you like as much as I do.

See you soon,