My suit doesn’t fit properly: Here’s some reasons this may be happening

You’ve bought a suit or had a suit made for you but it doesn’t quite fit properly. We’ve come up with a list of some common problems and answers to why this is and if there’s something you can do about it:

The problem: Your suit jacket is lifting up on the chest while feeling tight at the very front of your shoulders.

Why it’s happening: It’s likely you have what we call; forward pointing shoulders and if the suits not cut right, can be quite uncomfortable and never quite sit right. You may find that if you buy a sweater that you end up having to twist your sleeves into place (I get this myself)

The cure: In an ideal world you’d have a suit made for you, taking into consideration forward pointing shoulders FPS and cut the jacket accordingly. If you’ve bought the suit off the peg you can request the alterations tailor to open up the front of the sleeve for you which should ease the area for you a little and sit more comfortably.


The problem: Your jacket appears to be longer at the front than the back.

Why it’s happening: This is probably happening because you’re either slightly hunched over, have a rounded back, so that the jacket is compensating for the fuller part of your back and lifting it up, therefore making it shorter at the front.

The cure: Unless the front of the jacket is dramatically longer at the front, Id probably leave it. However if it’s dramatic, then you may want the alterations tailor to level out the jacket by shortening the front slightly.


The problem: Your jacket looks effectively wonky. One side is dropping slightly lower than the other.

Why it’s happening: If you look at the front of your jacket, you’ll notice if the first button is higher or lower than the first button hole. If there’s around a 1/2-1’’ difference between the two, then it’s likely you have a drop shoulder. (This means when one shoulder is lower than the other.)

The cure: One quick easy fix is to add a little extra padding to the dropped shoulder which will help to balance the shoulders out.


The problem: Your suit is breaking on your chest (not sitting flat)

Why it’s happening: Your chest is what we call a prominent chest, you’re either larger on the top of your body or pump weights.

The cure: If it’s not too dramatic, a small dart can be created behind the lapels to try and flatten the lapels, or the lapels can be lifted slightly. Neither of these are a perfect fit, ideally you would have a suit made for you that takes this into consideration at the time, allowing you to have a jacket that fits perfectly.

There is an endless list of things that can possibly happen on a suit because of our weird and wonderful bodies and not all of them need taking into consideration as a suit may mask a lot of them. We take a look at you without a suit on (don’t worry, not literally with nothing on) then have you put on a suit so we can see what becomes visible to us.

If you’d like our opinion or fit review please feel free to pop into one of our stores anytime or contact us