Blue suit with brown tie

Most popular suit colour of the Month: Blue

Anyone who knows me, or has had a bespoke suit designed by me, knows that I have a slight obsession with blue suits.

Navy, sky, powder, cerulean, royal, blue-grey, midnight, cornflower, baby, steel. When I talk about blue, I mean more than just navy (and even then, there are hundreds of variations of navy!). But whichever shade you choose, go-with-almost-everything blue is the perfect colour for your first bespoke or made-to-measure suit.

This shade is a much friendlier colour than the more sombre charcoal or black and helps you to appear more approachable. It will keep you looking fresh but no less formal.

And don’t forget the most important aspect – blue is a young, friendly colour. Choose the right shade for you and it will bring vibrancy to your skin tone and a youthful vigour to your look.

With a blue suit, you also have much greater creative freedom in terms of texture and colour choice to experiment with. For that reason, it’s incredibly popular for weddings: blue is perfect when paired with neutral shades or a pop of vivid colour such as fuchsia, or even orange (yes, orange!) to match the wedding theme. In a corporate environment, thin Herringbone or Birdseye work particularly well; while a deep blue velvet can look amazing as a dinner jacket (ala Tom Ford).

Here are my top tips for wearing blue:

  • For serious business, navy and dark blues are ideal.
  • To soften the look a little, choose a blue with a little more warmth.
  • To create an individual look that says “I’m confident and not shy”, choose a vibrant shade of blue.
  • In spring and summer, go for buttery pastel blues: they look incredible with a crisp white shirt.

Need inspiration? Many members of GQs 50 Best Dressed Men in the World list for 2017 wear blue with effortless style. My picks are Charles Finch (46), Hu Bing (42), Dermot O’Leary (37), Bradley Cooper (28), Andrew Weitz (17), Riz Ahmed (15), Justin Trudeau (14) and Eddie Redmayne (2).

You’ll also find plenty of ideas and examples of blue Alexandra Wood suits on these Pinterest boards:

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