Menswear gadgets you may never have known even existed


Of all the things I’ve written about through the years, it suddenly occurred to me that I have never written a piece about men’s gadgets. I don’t mean mobile phones, coffee machines or electronics, but men’s clothing gadgets.

What on earths she talking about I hear you cry! Well, here are some things that men can use to make their wardrobe that extra bit more special and put together. Some are genius and some are just plain weird but here they are in all their glory..

Shirt garters

At first, these look like some sort of fetish get up, but people have quoted them as “comfortable to wear and ingenuous”. I struggle to see how they’d be comfortable (mine have just arrived in the post) which could be interesting if I was wearing a skirt, I think I may run the risk of looking like I’m wearing suspenders but I think these will purely be test driven for you guys to work out if these are for you. One things for sure, from what I’ve seen and that is that they certainly make your shirt look super sleek.

Personally, I would say that this piece of equipment is somewhat pointless if you have a loose fitting shirt but for a slim fit, then this looks pretty impressive.

Alternative: shirt grips on the inside of your trouser waistband. This idea is probably more practical for those who don’t have super fitted shirts or just want a gentle encouragement for their shirts to stay in place.

Our trousers all have these inside the waistband but you probably could have one added.

Magnetic collar stays

I’d say these were the best things since sliced bread, but that’s probably not that exciting at all. However, these are fantastic! I used them for our recent wedding and the reaction was “Wow, how cool are they?!” And they really are. John Travolta’s shirts would have a field day with these. They’re sure to keep your collars in place all day long and look good whether your collar is open or closed. What’s nice about them is that if you’re wearing a waistcoat, it also stops the collar popping out and stays inside.

This is ideal for an overall, sharper look. PS just make sure the magnets nice and strong and to take them out prior to washing your shirt.

Our magnetic collar stays are available in store now @ £20 per set. These will also be available from our online store from October.


Not of the swimming variety but of the metallic variety. I remember first coming across these around 15 years ago when I worked at an old fashioned menswear store. Snooker players immediately came to mind and I probably wasn’t too far wrong. An ideal way to keep your sleeves in the right place if they’re a touch too long. Some may question whether you should find a good tailor to make clothing with the correct length of sleeves but nonetheless, these work.

You can find these in a stretch material or in metal, in gold or silver and are usually around £5-£10.

Sock garters

Excuse me while I have a little giggle to myself but these do look petty hilarious! Probably self explanatory, but yes they keep your socks up. I can’t help but visualise someone wearing a dodgy pair of pants with a shirt garter and sock garter. Hilarious to be pulling one thing down and another up. Makes me think of a stiff, thunderbird character. Again, I can’t see how these can be in anyway comfortable but if you get sock rage at the thought of your socks slipping down then I guess these guys are for you. Ranging from around £5-£10 and can be found on Amazon.

Part two will show me demonstrating some of these to see how practical they really are and how they work. Stay posted..

See you soon,