How many buttons is best?

Ok, so you want to buy a suit. Easy right? Or so you thought… Off you go to the shop thinking it’ll be easy, when suddenly you’re faced with all these questions about what style you want and you’re suddenly more than overwhelmed. We’re here to make life easier, with our quick guide you’ll know what you want and what will suit you!

The 1 button suit

  • Best choice for dinner suits, wedding and morning attire
  • Great for a trendier look
  • If you want to show off a beautiful tie
  • Not suggested if you have a larger stomach
  • Looks ideal with a waistcoat

The 2 button suit

  • This is the most popular choice for our customers and probably the most flattering
  • Ideal for business suits, wedding suits and a good all rounder
  • Flattering for all shapes
  • Shows off a moderate amount of tie
  • Looks ideal with a waistcoat
  • It elongates your frame

The 3 button suit

  • Ideal for a more solid looking shape. If you like a suit to be your armour, chose this style
  • I would advise not to wear a waistcoat with this style
  • Shows barely any tie
  • A good shape if you are an average build
  • Not an ideal shape if you are slightly larger framed