Man of the Month: Oliver Peyton

You may recognise our most recent man of the month, Oliver Peyton, from Great British Menu and you may also know that he’s a restaurateur and is passionate about British food.

What do we know about Oliver Peyton?

Oliver has been a judge on Great British Menu since it began back in 2006. Oliver actually started out owning nightclubs in the 80’s before moving onto restaurants in the 90’s. He had a handful of restaurants throughout the 90’s before opening the Admiralty restaurant in Somerset House in 2002. He then opened a range of restaurants and set up The Peyton and Byrne company which he’s still associated with.

In 2012, Oliver received an honorary OBE for his services in catering.

Oliver Peyton’s Style

The reason we chose Oliver Peyton as our man of the month is we love his relaxed, unstructured look!

He’s a big fan of an unstructured jacket and shirt and he’s not afraid of a little colour. If you didn’t already know, we love green here at AW and this sage green jacket looks great with the denim shirt.

Oliver also takes a simple, unbuttoned shirt look and makes it look effortlessly cool, plus, as he’s slim, he wears the unstructured look perfectly.

How would we dress Oliver?

We’d love to see Oliver in the AW lightweight jeans which would look great on his slender physique. We’d also dress him in chambray and denim shirts to keep his relaxed vibe going. He pulls off different textures really well so we’d also love to see him in our navy corduroys.

Who would you love to see as our Man of the Month for next month? We’d love to know so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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